Synesthesia Mandala V3 Drum Pad Control System Now Available To Pre-Order

MandalaDrum let us know that orders are now open for a limited production run of the Mandala V3 drum pad control system.

They say that the Mandala’s multi-layer internal design provides an optimized playing feel and is topped with surface art depicting concentric strike zones and 128 high resolution detection rings.


  • 4 surface triggers and 9 rim triggers (polyphonic), velocity sensitive
  • All triggers can be held and sustained
  • Continuous pressure output for surface (0-127 soft to hard)
  • Continuous pressure output for rims (0-127 soft to hard)
  • Continuous slide output for surface (0-127 center to edge)
  • Surface strike position output (0-127 center to edge)
  • No false triggers or crosstalk
  • Zero discernible latency (600 microseconds)
  • USB-B (plug-and-play) and 5-pin MIDI output for playability out-of-the-box with your favorite software and hardware.
  • Interchangeable hardware module system for future expandability
  • Mounts easily to existing drum hardware (L-Rods/L-Arms up to 10.5mm)
  • Floating rim section component for trigger isolation
  • Multi-layer sub-surface design for enhanced feel and low strike noise
  • Playable with sticks or hands/fingers
  • Fully configurable MIDI output with preset saving by way of the V3-Utility app (for advanced users)

Pricing and Availability:

The Mandala v3 is available to pre-order for $599, with shipping estimated for June 2024.

3 thoughts on “Synesthesia Mandala V3 Drum Pad Control System Now Available To Pre-Order

  1. Its become a bit passe to say “on steroids,” but this is like a Roland Handsonic drum on ’em. The sensitivity is astounding. It asks a lot more of the player than the usual offerings and it seems to pay off handsomely. They may not sell a mass of them at the price, but I hope they sell their entire run. Its an advanced form of fantasy percussion. Wow.

  2. Though we’ll no doubt see some clunky demos, this is a very reasonable approach to percussion control. But I hesitate to call it the be-all-to-end-all. It’ll have its rightful place, just as Osmose does, in the world of creative/expressive control.

    For me, I think I’d still prefer to have just high quality separate pads. But my needs are specific.

    For drummers– having an acoustic kit, several standard triggers (with velocity layering) and one or two of these seems like a pretty great way to experience cutting edge tech.

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