KORG Gadget 3 Brings New Gadgets, Improved Workflow, AUv3 Support For iOS

KORG today introduced Gadget 3, a major update its virtual studio for iOS, Mac & Windows.

KORG Gadget 3 has been updated with workflow improvements, new features and new Gadgets.

The new gadgets include:

  • Santa Ana, which makes is designed to make it easy for anyone to create realistic rhythm guitar; and
  • Sydney, which imports long samples and manipulates loops.

Workflow improvements include:

  • A Gadget Browser that enables sound search;
  • An improved Play Page, with an easier-to-use scale menu; and
  • Genre Select, that allows you to combine your favorite patterns before starting to create a song.

The IFX features a greatly improved user interface, with graphical displays for EQ, Compression, and other sound adjustments. Five new effects have also been added, including an 8-Band EQ, Transient Shaper, Stereo Imager, Auto Pumper, and Pitch Shifter.

Finally, the iOS version now supports AUv3, allowing gadget instruments to be used in Garageband, Logic Pro, and other applications.

Pricing and Availability:

Korg Gadget 3 is available now for Mac with an intro price of $149 USD and for iOS for $19.99. Gadget 3 plugins are available for Mac/PC for $149. Upgrade pricing is also available.

9 thoughts on “KORG Gadget 3 Brings New Gadgets, Improved Workflow, AUv3 Support For iOS

  1. I like the fact that the Gadgets are now available for use as plug-ins in apps that can use AUv3 plugins. I don’t like that my plug-in directories in those apps are populated with all of the Gadgets, not just the ones that I have purchased. You can’t tell from looking at plug-in list in AUM which Gadgets have been purchased. Also, it appears that some Gadgets that were free in v2 are now IAP in v3.

  2. I’ve been a Logic user for years, so I’ve always looked at Gadget as a mini-subset of it. Its more like a beefed-up sketch pad. That seems useful if you’re on the move a lot, but with almost 40 instruments in my soft-rack, it’d feel like a step backwards. I can see why someone would enjoy having everything crammed into an iPad that the memory will allow. I’m just spoiled by having the mega versions of things available with a few clicks.

    It does look like a great update, especially with Sydney’s sample import/looping. That seems like a natural for the form, depending on the memory hit of your particular use of it.

  3. Paying full price for the gadget plug ins and then another 115 for an upgrade seems expensive it would be nice to get a better discount for owning the original

  4. Pretty great update to IOS if you are already a user. I like the limitations it has when composing or getting an initial idea down and then export to ableton to add audio units and finish up a project. gadget still has the orginal korg ds-10 workflow all these years later. I love the update for IOS but it is no where near a daw if that is what you are looking for….more of sequencer / sketchpad with full song capabilities and sounds. The addition of auv3 is great but I honestly prefer the workflow of gadget over ios daws.

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