Algoriddim Bringing djay To Apple Vision Pro

Algoriddim has announced plans to bring djay – its multiplatform DJ app – to Apple Vision Pro.

Vision Pro is a the Apple’s “spatial computer”. It’s designed to expand on the possibilities of previous virtual reality headsets by extending it into augmented reality, where a three-dimensional interface is automatically integrated into your surroundings, and controllable using your eyes, hands and voice.


“When we heard about Apple Vision Pro,” says Algoriddim CEO Karim Morsy, “it felt like djay was this beast that wanted to be unleashed.”

Algoriddim is completely redesigning djay for Apple’s Vision Pro interface.

“The first chunk of designing for Apple Vision Pro was going back to the drawing board and saying, ‘OK, maybe this made sense 10 years ago with a computer and mouse, but why do we need it now? Why should people have to push a button to match tempos — shouldn’t that be seamless?’ There was so much we could abstract away.”

Details on pricing and availability of djay for VisionOS are to be announced.

9 thoughts on “Algoriddim Bringing djay To Apple Vision Pro

  1. It has begun… With this you’ll experience the “thrill” to be a successful DJ with thousands of AI generated people dancing and reacting to your mix then, on the premium version ofc, be chased by AI groupies right into some sexual fantasy you can experience as many times as possible. Im making it sound like a joke but there are already plenty books and films about it. Honestly I was excited for VR and AI but now Im changing my stance into one inclined to being worried specially with the younger generations.

  2. Imagine patching an augmented, three-dimensional VCV modular system with this. Really looking forward to what developers come up with.

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