Roland SH-4d Synth Patch Editor

Developer Momo Müller let us know that he’s introduced a dedicated patch editor and controller for the Roland SH-4d synthesizer.

He notes, “The Roland SH-4d Editor gives you direct access from the DAW to the Roland SH-4d parameters, allowing you to integrate it into the DAW project. In the PlugIn VST version you can record the controller movements and so the sound change can be saved.”


  • Complex sound changes can be made easily and quickly
  • Change Roland SH-4d Sounds directly from Editor
  • All controllers can be automated
  • X-Y modulation of all parameters
  • Randomize the controls of the Roland SH-4d Synth
  • Use your Roland SH-4d as a sound module in your DAW

Pricing and Availability:

The patch editor is available now for Mac & Windows for 6,90€ / $ 7 (Contains all versions).

One thought on “Roland SH-4d Synth Patch Editor

  1. Roland makes too many of its hardware buttons do double and triple duty, so an editor like this brings the real power of a tabletop to the surface, minus the clunkiness. Anything that turns a budget PITA into a workable tool is a serious WIN. Good work, Momo.

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