Stylophone Intros Compact $259 Portable Modular Synthesizer

Stylophone has introduced the first in its compact portable modular (CPM) range, the Stylophone DS-2 Analog Drone Synth.

The DS-2 is an all-in-one portable modular system that can run on batteries, featuring dual analog oscillators, multimode filter, built-in reverb and Eurorack compatibility.


  • 2 analog 3340 oscillators
  • 2 analog sub oscillators
  • 2 analog 3320 filters
  • 14 analog LFO waveforms
  • 2 LFO wave selectors
  • 7 LFO routing switches
  • 5 LFO depth attenuverters
  • 12 modular patch points
  • 8 vintage AL3201 reverb algorithms
  • 1 vintage PT2399 delay with modulation
  • 1 effects mixer with aux input
  • 2 stereo outputs
  • 1 built-in speaker
  • 6 AA battery compartment
  • Eurorack compatible

Pricing and Availability:

Pricing and availability are to be announced. You can sign up to a pre-order list at the site. Pricing is expected to be about $259 USD.

20 thoughts on “Stylophone Intros Compact $259 Portable Modular Synthesizer

  1. Think they might have hit the mark here!
    Looks good! Can’t wait to have a play around with one:
    It may well mark my first foray into real world Modular!

  2. This strikes me as the start of a very nice potential system. Modular is all about mix-&-match, but doing it with a selection of self-contained units gives the idea a different kind of traction. I’m keen on seeing what it looks like 3 synths down the line.

    1. It’s a drone synth.

      Also, “Stylophone has introduced THE FIRST in its compact portable modular (CPM) range…”

      I’m interested to see what comes next.

  3. I don’t know what they’re putting in the water over at Stylophone HQ but they need to keep doing it. First the Theremin and now this? Fabulous, so happy to see this company having a renaissance and doing strange and wonderful new things while still keeping it affordable and fun.

      1. This is called paraphony, when all voices are tracked to the same cv input, but the voices can be independently tubed. You can play chords as single note riffs which is fun.

  4. Very nice. The demo seems pretty nice and the patch points make ma think that it can be an useful toy-tool for a creator, still, one has to be clear: In strict terms IT IS NOT A MODULAR SYNTHESIZER, it’s SEMI-MODULAR. Don’t let the headline confuse you if you think that it can be your first all-in-one modular, still, it can –of course– be part of your modular system.

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