Tiptop Buchla 207t Mixer + Preamplifier Coming Later This Month

Buchla synth guru Todd Barton shared this sneak preview of the Tiptop Buchla 207t Mixer + Preamplifier, a Eurorack format take on Don Buchla’s classic Mixer/Preamplifier Model 207.

Here’s part 2:


  • Mixer/preamp module based on Don Buchla’s original 207 design
  • Six-channel mixer with per-channel level control and panning
  • Voltage-controllable panning on channels 1 and 6
  • Manual panning on channels 2–4
  • Program switches can act as channel mutes for main outputs
  • Mon switches route signal (in mono) to Monitor output
  • Expansion input useful for stereo chaining and more
  • Preamp for use with external instruments, electric guitars, dynamic microphones, and more

Barton says that the 207t should be available later this month. See the Tiptop site for details.

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