Korg Intros KR-11 Compact Rhythm Box

Ahead of the 2024 NAMM Show, being held January 25-28, 2024 in Anaheim, California, Korg has introduced the KR-11 compact rhythm box.

According to the company, the KR-11 “brings the rhythm machine legacy into the modern era, pioneered by the legendary Korg Doncamatic in 1963.”


  • ‘Loads of rhythm patterns, matching any genre’
  • Customization: Edit any pattern and save up to 14 extra user patterns
  • Intuitive and easy control: Just choose your preferred genre, select a pattern, and press the play button
  • Finger drumming: 16 velocity sensitive pads and plenty of sounds
  • Optional pedal switch enables control over pattern changes, fill-ins, and start/stop functions at your feet
  • Headphone/line-out jack is available for external audio output
  • Newly developed speaker system and Acoustage Bass technology
  • 2-way power supply specification: the KR-11 can be powered using either the AC adaptor or 4 x AA alkaline batteries

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability:

Details on pricing and availability are to be announced. See the Korg site for details.

7 thoughts on “Korg Intros KR-11 Compact Rhythm Box

  1. Back in the late 70’s (?) early 80’s, I had an electric guitar shaped like that. It was my first electric guitar. Not long after that, my first drum machine (a Roland TR-505)– good endorphin hit.

    For me, the drum machines in my smart devices scratch the itch, but I get why a self-contained rig like this has appeal. I’m sure Korg made it good

    1. Was working af GC in SF mid 80’s and was using the Roland 707 and 727 and an Alesia HR-16, but our drummer had a 505 and I remember selling a ton of them. This new Korg sounds pretty good and the pro version demo I just watched in a live gig situation was impressive. JMHO but Funkbox which I have been using since my first gen iPad covers all my vintage beatboxes well enough. The cool thing about all these old beatboxes either real or emulations, is when you sample them at lower bpm rates and then pitch shift them up, you enter new worlds of sonic rhythm fun.

  2. Sometimes it’s good to have something that is cheap, quick, and cheerful to get vibes going. Korg definitely has great drum sounds in the Kronos so if they can port a handful of those into a box like this and combine it into a simple interface it should serve a useful function. I could see folks using this for quick demos, writing sessions, practice and maybe for solo gigs.

  3. I really like this honestly, if this is ~$200 I think this is a legitimately useful and good sounding piece of gear. For something that is largely meant as a practice tool, it has a enough features to keep up with some heavier hitters and I think the samples sound quite nice

  4. I get why people can get frustrated with synth companies. Comparing different options from different available drum machines from the same company can almost be a nightmare.
    Korg has available the kr mini, kr 11, volca beats, volca drum, volca kick, and everyone’s favorite not talked about end of year sale the drumlogue. Yes it was going for 399, but no mentions?

    But the kr11! Cool on the battery power. Also triggers. But still no sync? Almost more memories than the volca drum! Which, lol yay lol again. But at least a better speaker? Velocity sensitive pads

    I’d wish for sync settings but I did pickup a way to beat match unsynced machines from an old manual from my first drum pad machine, the synsonic…demoed by buddy rich. Every little drummers xmas present that year.

    No sync settings, I might have to go with a volca beat. Or the new yamaha finger drumming thing. The kr mini and kr 11 should both have sync settings,.at least. Didnt the preset drum boxes have sync in? Why not in 2024? Ever tried experimenting with different triggers on a sync in? Like an ms20 trigger. Fun for a bit yeah? Good to practice too.

    I am a big fan on Donca matic type rhythms. Martin rev and Alan Vega. With a filter those beats become brutal unrelenting beasts ready for some echo box delay breaks. Something about putting drum machines through filters like the minibrute makes the beats go…well, give it a try sometime?

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