Behringer MS-1 Synthesizer Price Cut To $199, If You Can Find It

Behringer today announced that it has cut the price of its MS-1 synth, a knockoff of the Roland SH-101, to $199 USD.

Unfortunately, US super-partner Sweetwater has it listed as out of stock, super-partner Amazon has it listed at the wtf price of $679, and dudes are listing them on Reverb at the ‘keep dreaming’ price of $999 – plus shipping.

Behringer had announced an MS-1 mkII about a year ago, which they say “is based on the original 662 chips, for a vastly improved VCF and VCA performance.” It also adds some additional features.

The Behringer MS-1 mkII is not available yet, though, so this may be an indication that the improved version will be shipping soon.

11 thoughts on “Behringer MS-1 Synthesizer Price Cut To $199, If You Can Find It

  1. This is a snarkier post than usual, I guess Synthtopia HQ has an unfilled desire for one of these items XD

    In all seriousness, the behavior of people on Reverb and other auction sites buying up stock in an attempt to corner the market with 400% markups is abusive; there ought to be some way to blacklist sellers like this. Organic supply and demand shaping prices is a normal and healthy thing, exploitative market manipulation like this is cancer. It’s gotten a lot worse with the popularity of cryptocurrency.

    1. Scalpers are not the problem, people who can’t control their urge to buy something when they have 100 way cheaper alternatives are.
      American culture is so stupid

  2. I hope they add an option for battery power on the Mk2. The whole point of a keytar is portability. Of course, I recognize that the OG 101 is a great synth regardless of live performance potential.

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