Nord Grand 2 Updated With New Keyboard, Expanded Memory and More

Ahead of the 2024 NAMM Show, being held January 25-28, 2024 in Anaheim, California, Nord has introduced the Grand 2.

The Nord Grand 2 features the latest generation premium Hammer Action keyboard from Kawai, expanded sample library memory, new effects and more.


  • General
    • New generation Premium Kawai Hammer Action keybed
    • Advanced Layering (2 Pianos + 2 Sample Synths)
    • Individual Split settings per Layer with optional crossfades
    • Support for Nord Piano Monitor
    • Nord Triple Pedal 2 (included)
  • Sample Synth
    • 2 independent Sample Synth Layers
    • Expanded memory for Nord Sample Library
    • Soft and Bright options
    • Unison for rich, ensemble-like sounds
    • Tru-Vibrato with real time control
    • Round robin for natural sounding repetitions
    • Mono and Legato modes with Glide
    • Attack, Decay/Release and Dynamic controls
  • Piano Section
    • 2 independent Piano Layers
    • 120 Voice Polyphony
    • Soft, Mid, Bright and Dyno filters
    • Dynamic Compression
    • 3 Keyboard Touch options
    • Advanced String Resonance
    • Soft Release
  • Effects
    • Dedicated Effect section per Layer
    • Modulation Effects with Rate and Amount
    • Global Reverb with Send per Layer, Pre-Delay, Chorale and Bright/Dark mode
    • New Spring, Booth and Cathedral Reverb
    • New Spin Effect
    • New Delay with Filter, Flam and Ping Pong
    • Compressor
    • Amp with Tone variations

Details are available at the Nord site.

7 thoughts on “Nord Grand 2 Updated With New Keyboard, Expanded Memory and More

  1. “Expanded Memory” (unspecified). Nord are a total joke, why don’t they simply stream samples from an SD card or SSD like other keyboards do? We did this on the ROLI Seaboard back in 2016 with a modest ARM-based cpu. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy the 150GB of 8DIO samples on my Prophet X.

    1. i’m afraid you missed the point of this instrument… it’s not all about GB’s and CPUs… this instrument is about the FEEL of the real piano action keyboard. Feel, something unrelated to GBs, CPUs and technology. Kudos to NORD for continuing to develop this really wonderful feeling instrument! Something true players, true musicians, will understand. Technology is fine, but it must be used to promote musicality!

    2. It says right in the description that the sample memory is expanded. RIF (Reading Is Fundamental)! Basically what these upgrades do is bring the Nord Grand in line with the features of the Nord Piano 5. Additionally, the Kawai action has been refined, though it’s not clear how.

      1. OP is clearly quoting the “Expanded Memory” part of the tech specs, which do not specify how much they have expanded. It is likely to continue being pitifully small compared to a good VST piano plugin for example. Imo there is no excuse for this in 2024.

        No need for the condescending comment about reading either.

  2. I used to own a Kawai MP8II and it was the closest thing I’ve ever played to a real grand piano in a digital instrument. They weigh a lot but they do deliver. The VPC-1 midi controller was even better. If they’ve improved the action in this, it should be a killer instrument. Want bigger samples? Use it as a midi controller with your virtual piano of choice and have one of the best actions you can get your hands on.

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