Suzuki Omnichord OM-108 Brings Back Classic Strummable Instrument

2024 NAMM Show: Suzuki has introduced the Omnichord OM-108, the return of their classic strummable electronic instrument.

Originally introduced in 1981, the Omnichord is an electronic musical instrument with an automatic accompaniment function (auto bass/chord) and equipped with a harp sensor. By pressing a chord button and sliding your finger on the harp sensor (strumplate), an arpeggio corresponding to the chord is heard.

While they were originally designed for novices, Omnichords been used creatively by musicians for decades, and now have a cult status.


  • The sound of the classic OM-84 is reproduced with analog circuits.
  • Equipped with both retro and new tones.
  • Layer function that creates expression of sound.
  • Updated rhythm selection with popular drum beats.
  • Adding sus4 and add9 allows OM-108 to play 108 chords
  • Sensitive strumplate that fully expresses light touch playing.
  • Possible to play a melody using the chord buttons.
  • Drum pad on both chord buttons and strumplate.
  • Expand sound with MIDI OUT
  • Can be switched to OM-84 drum kit.
  • Battery-power and built-in speaker make it portable, but you can connect it to an external amplifier or headphones.

See the Suzuki site for more information.

9 thoughts on “Suzuki Omnichord OM-108 Brings Back Classic Strummable Instrument

    1. Hmmm, that seems a tad bit too high when looking at the pictures on the website which make the instrument look a bit plasticky.

    2. Wow – that seems insane

      That’s more than the already over inflated second hand price of vintage units on Reverb

      I was thinking more like €300-400 kind of thing

  1. There is only one thing powerful enough to unite all readers of Synthtopia, and that is the price of this thing….my god what insanity $800. ?

  2. I’ll bet $100 that a lot of people will be all “Shut up and take my money!” at the prospect of being able to strum an outboard synth via MIDI. Hammer-ons too, seems like. Its a wild idea I look forward to hearing. Bet its freaky.

  3. I mean, at $800USD, that’s going to put it over a grand in Cdn. I know it’s recreated the analog circuitry but DAAAAAAAAMN!!! I think they’re going to struggle to sell many units at that price, as welcome as the addition of midi, etc, may be. I’d probably look for a used one first, to be honest.

  4. It’s a list price. I’m betting that 6 months after release it will be available through e.g. Sweetwater for ~$650 give or take. With the extra features, it will be a worthwhile purchase for some musicians.

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