Modal Electronics Showcases Carbon8 At 2024 NAMM Show

Modal Electronics is back this year at the 2024 NAMM Show, proving that there’s hope for the future of the UK synth maker.

Modal is the company behind high-end keyboards like the Modal 002, Eurorack modules, the budget CRAFTsynth line, the portable SKULPT synthesizer, and the Argon8 and Cobalt8 keyboards. In 2023, the company was in administration for insolvency, according to UK government records.

At NAMM, they are showing their full range of synths and showcasing the Carbon8 8-voice Experimental Digital Synthesizer.

The Carbon8 features over 40 complex digital algorithms and advanced oscillator modifiers to produce contemporary and unusual sounds. On top of that, it offers 34 filter types, shapeable LFO waveforms, a powerful sequencer & arpeggiator section and extensive realtime control.


  • 8-voice digital experimental synth combines advanced digital audio algorithms and hi-res wavetables
  • Sophisticated oscillator cross-modulations to enrich or drastically change the harmonic content
  • 34 static and morphable filter types including vintage hero emulations, all-time Modal classics and modern filters
  • Oscillator freerun and Vintage parameter to introduce organic vintage behaviors
  • Shapeable LFO waveforms increase innovative modulation
  • Powerful 3-slot effects engine with 26 effects
  • Premium 37-note Fatar TP9/S keyboard with aftertouch
  • X/Y joystick with 4 assignable axes
  • ModalApp compatible

The Carbon8 has a street price of about $1100 USD. See the Modal site for more info.

20 thoughts on “Modal Electronics Showcases Carbon8 At 2024 NAMM Show

  1. Like the syntj but the screens they use are junk, mine lasted one day and burned out, still trying to locate a replacement

  2. So what is up the company, the website hasn’t been updated in over a year,the support pages don’t even load and no software or firmware updates for a long time?

  3. Funny to see on the related page:” Modal Electronics Intros 4 New Eurorack Modules, New Rack Synth At Winter NAMM Show..” from 2016 ! never came out…So lets hope the best.

  4. Hi Lance, the word is Modal are in the process of restructuring which as you can guess takes some time esp when in Administration

  5. I’m sorry the company has been stumbling. While I wouldn’t make one of their synths (so far) my central instrument, they offer excellent members of the “band.” I loosely compare part of what they do well to Korg’s MoDWave: imparting a bit more beef and a lot more definition. I like their VA side and the Carbon8 has an intriguing twist with unusual waveform food. I hope their presence at NAMM means they’ll stabilize soon.

  6. I never like to see any synth manufacturer suffer, even if I feel their instruments aren’t really for me. That said, I LOVED their high end stuff that came out back in the day… I tried them in Nashville but could never find them in Canada. In any case, I hope they’re able to pull it out of the fire and get the support they need, because I think they have cool ideas, and their instruments feel nice to play.

  7. I really enjoyed playing the Carbon8 back at SuperBooth last year, I thought it was one of the most sonically interesting synths on display, even if only a prototype. Very pleased that they’re hopeful about the future!

  8. I had modal stuff that was useless as they went under , again, I think if I was a sensible person who wanted a warranty or firmware updates I would stay well clear of them as it’s pretty apparent now after 2 bankruptcies the management are unable to create a maintainable structure.

    Add to that the build quality was pretty shocking both times round. I saw a 001 fall apart on a stand in red dog music after being bricked after a day on show and the last modal thing I had, had cross threaded screws which I discovered after the joystick fell apart in use. A slab of alloy can only cover up so much and constant firmware updates show an immature or badly tested product rushed to market.

    My last argon was sold as spares or repairs as the firmware update servers have been offline or inoperative for months. Any support emails unanswered.

    It would be nice if modal came back caring for existing customers and products rather than S#!t out another bit of malformed software on the already badly supported engine boards they use.

    1. If you bought something that you thought was ‘useless’ without a firmware update, that just makes you sound stupid.

      Just stating the facts.

      I’m personally really impressed by the build quality of Modal’s synths. They’re made of solid metal and feel substantial, in an age when most synths are cheap plastic. I hope that they can get enough distribution to sell in volume to be viable.

    2. Not sure what issues you’ve had, but I’ve had an Argon 8 for about 18 months and a Carbon 8 Desktop module for about 9 months, both are working fine, each of the big firmware version updates have been to introduce a large number of different features, and then a few subsequent tweaks and refinements.

      I’ve never considered the build quality to be an issue at all (I disassembled the Argon 8 to nose around out of curiosity with no problems) and although a lot of people complain about the rotary encoders they use, the fact that they’re Bournes ones actually implies that they’re better spec than most pots in a lot of units.

    3. My Modal gear is some of the most solid, well constructed kit I own. I have applied firmware updates via the excellent Modal app as soon as they are issued without any problems. The keybed on the Cobalt and Argon is a pleasure to touch. As far as I can see Modal is a quality manufacturer.

  9. Love my 002, cannot bring myself to part with it as (despite a few quirks) it has its own amazing sound. Can’t help but think the 002 helped pave the way for the also-incredible 3rd Wave. I hope the company survives and return to their path of innovation.

  10. Im really hoping these guys make it. i bought a cobalt a while back and love it to pieces. Couldnt bring myself to part w it. It was really built tough as nails. Sounds just as good as my analogs. I agree the website definitly needs some love but i guess there doing there best to just survive.
    One of the commenters said they had issues with the oled screen, i have had no issues with mine (knock wood). I am a bit surprised at the price of the carbon. getting to rich for my blood. Best Wishes Modal!

    1. I remember them saying that the Carbon uses significantly more processing etc than the Argon and Cobalt, which are largely the same/similar hardware running different software, despite it looking very similar.

      It’s a shame in a way as I think the other two units offered some really good value, especially with the relatively small mark up for the extended keyboard versions (as much as I hate the off centre layout)

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