Yamaha Montage M Now Available As Expanded Softsynth Plugin For Your DAW

At the 2024 NAMM Show, Yamaha showcased their Expanded Softsynth Plugin (E.S.P.) for the Montage M – a plugin that brings the synths directly to your DAW.

The Montage M synthesizer is Yamaha’s new flagship synthesizer. It features their AN-X Analog Engine and an improved AWM2 Engine that, combined with the FM-X Engine, give you a total of 400 notes total polyphony.

With Yamaha E.S.P., the Montage M can now be in your computer. The initial release offers Montage M sound plus basic editing. Future versions will add full editing, enhanced connectivity and more.

“This is a great feature for touring musicians, worship players or anyone who needs to use multiple MONTAGE M keyboards for whatever reason,” notes Yamaha’s Blake Angelos.

“Of course, the real benefit of the Expanded Softsynth Plugin for MONTAGE M is the considerable power it adds. You can open multiple instances in a DAW and drastically increase your music making potential. With modern computer systems, the horsepower needed is completely within reach and won’t cost a fortune.”

The plugin is free for all Montage M users. See the Yamaha site for more info.

5 thoughts on “Yamaha Montage M Now Available As Expanded Softsynth Plugin For Your DAW

  1. This will be a perfect plugin to ship with Cubase either in an LE version, or in bigger packages, full version, limited for using with Cubase only. Perfect bread and butter for using with a DAW.

  2. The Montage VST will be a whopper like the UVI Falcon or VPS Avenger. You sure can’t take it up casually. Definitely not just a preset machine. MPE players, start your engines.

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