MuSonics Vanilla Synthesizer Now Shipping

At the 2024 NAMM Show, STG Soundlabs founder and Knobcon organizer Suit & Tie Guy has announced that his latest creation, the muSonics Vanilla Synthesizer, is now shipping and available to order.

The Vanilla Synthesizer is a small-batch analog synthesizer in what Suit calls ‘American format’, aka Moog format via He says The Vanilla Synthesizer is “chock-full of highly optimized 1970s circuitry and tone in a beautiful walnut cabinet.”

The synth is fully modular, but also features default patch routing, which lets you play it without the need to use cables between modules. The synth is an original design, but takes inspiration from Tom Oberheim’s classic Two Voice Synthesizer.

“I started working on this project a year and a half ago,” Suit explains. “Originally, my thought process was to make a new American format synthesizer that could be sold as modules, kits, and bare boards. I was concerned about the future of the format, and I felt a new line of basic modules and infrastructure at a variety of price points was important.”

“I abstracted the Two Voice into a family of modules,” he adds, “that cover every function of it, and go no further.”

Here’s an overview of The Vanilla Synthesizer, via Sonic State:

Suit has shared the full ‘origin story’ of the new synth in his STG Soundlabs newsletter.

Pricing and Availability:

The Vanilla Synthesizer is available now for $2,500 USD.

6 thoughts on “MuSonics Vanilla Synthesizer Now Shipping

  1. I thought this sounded amazing. I think if I were to get into modular, I’d want the size and spacing that a 5u system can offer. It’s also tough to argue with the classic look.

  2. I appreciate the solidity of the core system, but also the fact that its open to add-ons, which is a modular given. Its fair for him to call it an instrument in a standalone sense, because the sound proves it. I’m glad to see the Moog format persisting. After all, from one angle, its Eurorack’s grandma.

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