Yamaha SEQTRAK Review & 5 Things To Know Before You Buy

In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the new Yamaha SEQTRAK, a portable groovebox, synthesizer and sequencer introduced at the 2024 NAMM Show.

The SEQTRAK is an all-in-one music creation station, designed for composing and performing electronic music anywhere. It’s sure to draw comparisons with the Teenage Engineering OP-1, because of its size and form factor.

But the SEQTRAK builds on Yamaha’s strengths, featuring an AWM2 sound engine with 128-note polyphony, in addition to a four-operator FM sound engine. And unlike the OP-1, the SEQTRAK is priced at a relatively affordable $399 USD.

Check out the video, and share your thoughts on the Yamaha SEQTRAK in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:05 Overview
2:40 Get a grip
3:15 Cheat sheet
4:00 Velocity
4:55 Chrom drums
5:30 Mono sequencers!
6:20 MIDI CCs
6:45 Dongle anxiety
7:10 Bluetooth MIDI
7:25 MIDI settings
7:45 Be in GUI mode
8:40 GUI lock
9:00 Change defaults
9:15 Synth step seq
10:10 Advanced FX
12:10 Unlock 6 patterns
12:35 Temp save!
13:30 Fast params
13:45 App only stuff
14:00 FX 1 & 2
14:30 Trigger type
15:05 FX params
15:25 Synth LFO
16:15 7 sample tracks
16:55 FX strip secrets
19:20 Chord tips
20:30 Chord banks
21:00 Use the arp!
21:20 A faster Play
21:30 Fave shortcuts
23:30 Visualizer blues
23:55 Pros & cons
27:55 Outro

50 thoughts on “Yamaha SEQTRAK Review & 5 Things To Know Before You Buy

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  1. Powerful little beast, innit? I think they miniaturized it too much by 1/3 or even 1/2. It feels too fidgety to me, but I know a lot of people are freaking over it. If you’re willing to feed it with the app, I agree that the price is fair. The buttons and non-standard jacks all around the edges seem like a real PITA, but I can’t argue with the nice demo. Not for me, but definitely worthy.

      1. Side buttons are a terrible design choice, you need 2 hands to operate a side button, one to press the button and the other to hold the unit or it slides….this is not an issue with top buttons which is why everyone uses them!

        1. That’s only an issue if you poke that thing like a monkey would do. Most people have more than one finger on one hand. Like use your index finger to press the button while using your thumb to hold the unit in place. Maybe someone should make a tutorial video.

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