New App, Spatial Symphony, Brings Gestural Synthesis To Apple Vision Pro

Hudson Heavy Industries has introduced Spatial Symphony, a new hand-controlled music synthesis app for Apple Vision Pro.


  • 20 built-in presets including Theremin, Pulsewave, Megablast, 8-bit, and more.
  • Hand gesture controls for pitch and volume adjustments.
  • Customization with user-controlled waveforms and effects.
  • Immersive experience designed for Apple Vision Pro.
  • Intuitive interface “perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike”.

Pricing and Availability:

Spatial Symphony is free to download and try, with six presets. Unlocking the app is a $6.99 in-app purchase.

3 thoughts on “New App, Spatial Symphony, Brings Gestural Synthesis To Apple Vision Pro

  1. This would drive me bananas with the visual effects piercing my eyeballs

    But I guess for $3000 the in-app purchase worth a cup of Starbucks ain’t too shabby

  2. i would say it’s gestural performance, not synthesis. unless you can move your hand at audible rates…. then it’s still just modulation.

  3. This is all still in its infancy. Programs like Spatial Symphony will be seen as the Pong of immersive tech once the resolution comes up to speed. It also depends on how muscle memory comes into the picture. The terms of playing it are different, but the goals are the same, so it ultimately depends on whether or not it strikes the right balance between serious tool and Fun. Is happiness a warm 3-D MPE grid in virtual mid-air before you? Will you fall off the couch face-first, reaching for a high note? Still TBD.

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