UVI Intros Aurora ‘Textured Piano’ Virtual Instrument

UVI has introduced Aurora, a ‘textured piano’ virtual instrument that combines the sound of a concert grand with textures and atmosphere, designed to create a modern and emotive piano sound.

The sounds of Aurora are made up of 3 discrete sonic signatures; a concert grand piano, a dual-layer texture engine, and an atmosphere layer. Each layer is deeply editable, offering unique components that can be sculpted, to create evocative new sounds.

Aurora’s piano sound is based on a world-class concert grand recorded at the renowned Guillaume Tell sound stage in Paris. This sampled piano offers a natural playing experience, thanks to a combination of deep-sampling and advanced scripting.

Aurora expands on the piano’s distinct sound with a selection of textures and atmospheres. You can use dozens of unique augmentations and custom-made sonic reinforcements, arranged in categories including: Attack, Keys, Machines, Material, Nature, Orchestra, Electronic, Keyboard, and World.

Each of Aurora’s 3 discrete sound engines offers its own editor, giving you control over source, amplitude, pitch, dynamics, and tone, while a dual LFO modulation engine and integrated Motion designer let you add movement.

Finally, Aurora offers three customizable effect slots, which can be outfitted with any combination of Drive, Tone, Grains, Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Redux, and Convolver, with dedicated multimode Delay and Reverb, EQ, and Limiter effects to finalize your sound. Over 50 creative preset chains are included, arranged in categories including: Cloud, Echo, Experimental, Lo-Fi, Phase, and Room.

Here’s the official overview:

Pricing and Availability:

Aurora is available now, with an intro price of 79,00 € (normally 129,00 €).

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