Cherry Audio CR-78 Recreates The Classic Phil Collins Drum Machine Sound

Cherry Audio has introduced CR-78, a new virtual instrument, based on the Roland CR-78 CompuRhythm drum machine.

The virtual CR-78 recreates the analog sounds and preset rhythms of the original, but adds x0x-style beat making, the ability to edit the drum sounds and more.

Cherry Audio’s CR-78 uses modeled synthesis to recreate the sounds of the original and makes them fully editable. Four studio-quality effects are provided, with a send button for each individual tone in the effects and mixer section, which also a compressor, and a six-band graphic EQ.

Cherry Audio’s CR-78 can be played standalone and or in your DAW, and features auto-sync, drag-and-drop MIDI export, individual outs, and complete automation.

Here’s the official intro video:

Pricing and Availability:

Cherry Audio’s CR-78 is available with an intro price of $49 USD (normally $69.)

7 thoughts on “Cherry Audio CR-78 Recreates The Classic Phil Collins Drum Machine Sound

  1. Faithful recreation of classic sounds – I get it. But why has the interface of ancient hardware be recreated almost 1:1? For a computer interface operated with keystrokes and mouse clicks? It makes absolutely no sense.

    1. Because people want to feel like they’re using the real thing, and anybody that’s used one in real life will know how to get around it. It makes absolutely no sense to redesign something that’s already usable.

  2. FunkBox has been my go to CR78 for years.
    Picked this up yesterday. Instant audio fun.

    Thank you. The joy for me with all these older drum boxes is often combining them with other drum stuff both software and my hardware beatboxes or lately me playing my various drum kits and then mixing them all together. But even just on its own I spent hours having much audio fun with this CA release. Good job.

    Will continue to support CA and have found all their releases to be stuff I use daily in my audio work,

  3. Why doesn’t it make sense? Would you rather have seen ‘flat design’? To many, FD is a lazy, unattractive aesthetic; if CA were to have changed the design, it would have made absolutely no sense to call it a CR-78. Which is clearly their intent, and works beautifully for those who enjoy it:)

  4. I used to own a CR-78 and stupidly sold it. Not only am I used to the sound but also getting around the interface. The CR is an instrument that you can perform with live. This has all the benefits of the OG’s interface but with an updated workflow. I must get this.

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