Plinky Synth 2.0 Available Pre-Assembled

The Plinky synthesizer – a unique granular & wavetable synth with 8-voice polyphony and polyphonic aftertouch – is now available from Electrotechnique, with v2 updates.

Here’s what’s new:

  • SB is now a type C connector (but still USB 2.0)
  • MIDI in and out TRS jacks are added (MIDI in supports type A and B TRS)
  • Duplicated USB, headphone and audio in jacks are removed.
  • Expander panel socket is also removed (modular Eurorack power socket is still present)
  • Comes in a case for desktop use

It is ready built, tested and runs the latest Plinky firmware, which is 0.9z. It comes in a case but can be mounted in a modular Eurorack system, with power into the 16 pin socket on the main PCB.

Note: The hardware is built and guaranteed by Electrotechnique. The firmware is available as open source, by the original designer and collaborators.

Pricing and Availability:

The Electrotechnique Plinky is available now for $49o USD. Details on the open project are available via the Plinky site.

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7 thoughts on “Plinky Synth 2.0 Available Pre-Assembled

  1. This is a low-supply/high-demand project that is begging for a big manufacturer who can crank out 1000’s of them and sell for $150 a pop. Where are you Uli, this is open source?? This no-name small fry Electrotechnique based in South Korea is NOT the answer.

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