Arturia Introduces KeyLab Essential 88 mk3

Today Arturia introduced their new KeyLab Essential 88 mk3, a “stripped-back”, multi-octave MIDI control.

Adding to the 49- and 61-key models of the KeyLab Essential range, Arturia’s KeyLab Essential 88 mk3 puts a semi-weighted full piano range at the fingertips of musicians and producers.

KeyLab Essential 88 mk3 features a full-size, 88-note range, semi-weighted keyboard, designed for DAW production, hybrid setups, and controlling MIDI hardware instruments.

Here’s what’s new with KeyLab Essential mk3 controllers:

  • New creative features: Scale Mode, Chord Mode, and Arpeggiator
  • Custom DAW integration (FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro…)
  • More versatile presets
  • Easier controls & interface
  • Expanded software package for beginners & pros

See the Arturia site for details.

6 thoughts on “Arturia Introduces KeyLab Essential 88 mk3

      1. Did you both check out the price? How would expect this to have aftertouch?
        You’re looking in the category ‘not for you’ and than start complaining about missing features. Here’s an idea: pay more money.

        1. I already bought an NI Kontrol S61 MK3 for $850, so money isn’t the problem.
          Besides, a Nektar Impact GXP88 88-key keyboard controller has mono aftertouch and it sells for under $300, so it is possible. Here’s an idea: do your research before you post.

  1. Its funny Mappy said that the deal breaker for me is “semi weighted keys” I own an akai 88mpk which might a well be on giant granite slab. When its comes to my studio midi controller or even in general i love playing with fully weighted. As a kid I grew up learning piano, so having a hammer weighted MIDI controller is now a must. I mean I can put up with playing almost any style keyboard or MID controllers. It just feels so much better with fully weighted wish more companies would make multi sized hammer weighed.

  2. If you need poly aftertouch you’ll have to consider the Native Instruments stuff or the new Korgs. It’s too bad neither of them have the amount of on board controls as the Arturia stuff here. Remember that these are the cost effective versions of their controllers. Their higher end stuff is pretty nice, featuring weighted keys on the 88 as well as channel aftertouch.

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