New App, Auto Fills, Creates Unique Drum Fills Automatically

Developer Cem Olcay let us know that he’s released a new iOS and macOS/Apple Silicon app, Auto Fills, designed specifically for generating unique drum fills.

“Auto Fills is a random MIDI generator for creating drum fills. You can generate drum fills for your drum synth apps or hardware quickly and let it roll every once in a while. It works on iOS and Apple Silicon.”

It works as an Audio Unit AUv3 plugin, with supported host apps, such as AUM, Loopy Pro, Logic Pro, Cubasis, Nanostudio & apeMatrix.

In Auto Fills, you are working with a drum kit. You can either create the kit by adding drum parts and assigning them MIDI notes/channels yourself, or you can select a kit template from the settings menu for an app or hardware for quick setup.

  • In Kit mode, you can assign a probability value to each drum part.
  • In Velocity mode, you can assign a velocity to each drum part, and you can also introduce velocity variety for them.
  • In Duration mode, you can set the drum fill length as well as the waiting time before and/or after the drum fill, in beats or bars.
  • If you’ve set “wait before the fill” and/or “wait after the fill” durations in the Duration mode, the drum fill won’t be played during the waiting periods.

Here’s an example of Auto Fills in action:

Pricing and Availability:

Auto Fills Drum Fill Generator is available now for $5.99 USD.

6 thoughts on “New App, Auto Fills, Creates Unique Drum Fills Automatically

  1. The Lumbeat drum machine apps have the most amazing fills I’ve heard from a robot. Sounds not just like a drummer, but a good one at that.

    This app appears to have some reasonable settings for “on-grid” type flourishes.

    1. +1
      Lumbeat apps are some of my favs and do an excellent job simulating fills. I use them daily when I practice guitar and bass or just pick a fav Rhodes patch and jam. Lots of fun.

  2. I’m going to give this careful consideration. I generally try to resist too much auto-anything. I encounter arps and loops I like, but I use them as a base and build on them by hand. By resisting temptation, I think my music breathes more. Auto Fills feels like a useful, in-between option without becoming robotic. Good work.

    1. The app store page refers to it as a “Random MIDI generator”, so it’s just that with the option to change the probabilities of each instrument triggering per step.

      Non-ipad musicians could knock this up very easily either in max/max for live or by using step probabilities in any DAW sequencer.

  3. Whoulda thunk being a musician would equal producing the music of robots? I think a robot should do the production, too.

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