64 Custom Sounds For The GS Music e7 Synthesizer

Canadian producer and sound designer Miles Away has released a new sound library for the GS Music E7 synthesizer, designed to showcase the synth’s “incredibly lush and power analog sound”.

“The E7 may be still relatively new and lesser-known, but it is, in my opinion, already a future classic analog synth,” he notes. “Hopefully these patches can assist you in getting even more out of this incredible instrument!”

The patches range in styles, including massive keyboard sounds, lush analog pads, deep basses, scorching leads, and more.

Pricing and Availability:

64 Custom Patches for GS Music E7 is available now for $30 USD.

One thought on “64 Custom Sounds For The GS Music e7 Synthesizer

  1. Definitely a future classic. I have serial number 0001 with a one off color combination, blue faceplate, black knobs, green LEDs and orange buttons.

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