Switched On Debussy

Synthesist Espen Kraft shared his switched-on arrangement of Debussy’s Clair de Lune.

Some listeners may hear similarities to Isao Tomita‘s iconic 1974 synth arrangement from his album Snowflakes are Dancing.

Here’s what Kraft shared about the technical details:

Live MIDI-sequenced and parts recorded live as you see it on screen.

Synths used:
Sequential Prophet X
Arturia MiniFreak
Yamaha TX802
Kawai K3m
Roland Jupiter-8 & D-550

All reverbs are Valhalla VintageVerb and SuperMassive

4 thoughts on “Switched On Debussy

  1. debussy is kickass! great performance, the mix was beautifully detailed too. definitely headphone candy :0) romantic composer were “The Best, Jerry, The Best!”.

    thank you for posting a performance!

  2. The sounds and the mixing are amazing! However, the tempo is strict and doesn’t change. I wonder how you would create a performance with free-flowing tempo changes (rubato) where multiple synthesizers are synced. I’m not certain it can be done on hardware-only setups. Ableton Live does tempo-following as does Logic, but how can I perform a piece live, like this one, using MIDI but with the natural speed-ups, slow-downs and hesitations which are critical to a great interpretation?

    1. One could play the individual parts via midi, then adjust the tempo to taste from your sequencer/DAW. Either that or play the piece live with the limitation that you could only have as much multitimbrality as your hands/keyboards will allow.

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