Free Sound Libraries For The ASM Hydrasynth

Analoguesque Sound Designs sound designer Ian Wilson let us know that he’s released 3 free sound banks of 128 patches for the ASM Hydrasynth.

Here’s what he shared about the three sound banks:

Bank 1 is “Analoguesque Bread & Butter I”, which contains 128 presets covering analog blips and bleeps, FM sounds, large basses, and a host of presets that will be familiar to lovers of 80s synth hits. How about Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” lead or Duran Duran’s “Save a Prayer” sequence. Depeche Mode’s “Just Can’t Get Enough” or “Nodisco” leads anyone? The jewel is a synthesized version of the famed Fairlight ARR1 preset, which is uncannily close to the original. This sound is used prevalently in 80s hits from bands like The Cars, Tears for Fears, Yazoo, Duran Duran, and The Art of Noise, to name a few. There are also drum and percussion sounds that can be tweaked with the macro knobs to provide fun alternatives. On that note, many of the presets can be tweaked subtly or even drastically using the macro knobs, expanding the sonic palette beyond 384 presets.

“Analoguesque Bread & Butter II” continues in a similar vein to I, with another 128 presets covering large basses, leads and pads. Plenty of timbral ground is covered by these presets, showcasing the sonic tip-of-the-iceberg potential of the ASM Hydrasynth.

“Analoguesque Esoteric I” is the 3rd bank that is a little more “out there”. Lots of atmospheric pads and very large sounding presets in general, that should fill gaps in any genre of music.

The three soundbanks for the ASM Hydrasynth are available now as free downloads.

8 thoughts on “Free Sound Libraries For The ASM Hydrasynth

  1. At last the Fairlight SARRAR sound. It is missing a little bit of lower end, but much more useful in this format than my rompler. It sounds dreamy. I laughed when I heard the 808 cowbell sound. I played a lot with the drums. Not a big collection though. I suppose with the macro knobs it is a lot more than you think, at least with some of the sounds. Thanks for giving this away. There are so many Ace sounds.

  2. The esoteric bank has some whacked out sounds, but there is too much reverb and fx. I like the other banks but this is my favorite even with the fx. It is too light on base sounds compared to B&B 1 and 2, which have some monster base sounds! I love base so a few more would have been nice.

  3. I love my Hydrasynth but have paid very little attention to the presets. They’re not great and it’s not why I bought the synth. The whole point is that it’s easy to make cool patches on your own. In the time it takes to scroll through a hundred patches I could just make my own with better results

      1. So true. Nice burn and name reverse, LOL. I never understand why some people respond like this to someone giving away free presets. It doesn’t even sound like @Jim Miller tried them.

  4. Somebody else’s patches can often provide inspiration or get you out of a rut. At the very least, checking out the parameters can help you learn new programming techniques, especially on a complex synth like the Hydrasynth. Of course, there is always a good chance you will enjoy some of the presets

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