Open Source Electronic Saxophone

Vindor Music founder Fernando Trias let us know that the company has open sourced its ES electronic wind instrument software and hardware.

The Vindor ES was a low-cost entry-level electronic wind instrument that launched in 2018 and sold until 2020. But they say that the instrument as a commercial product was casualty of the COVID pandemic.

Now they are making the design open source. The release includes all the source for the firmware, Android, iOS, Mac and Windows apps, as well as the CAD files, BOM, schematics and PCB layout of the circuit boards. It includes everything you need to make your own ES and program it to do whatever you like.

“We hope this will inspire hobbyists to port the ES to a new CPU,” notes Trias, “and continue the mission of providing an affordable and functional electronic wind instrument.”

Here’s a video that captures the ES-1 in a live performance by the Somerville Symphony Orkerstar:

The source is available now on Github.

4 thoughts on “Open Source Electronic Saxophone

  1. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!
    My ES1 had some hardware issues and I haven’t used it much. Still, project’s source code might prove useful.
    In fact, maybe it could bring new life to my instrument.

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