Overlays For Roland SH-4D Synthesizer Now Available

Oversynth let us know that they’ve released a new series of overlays for the Roland SH-4D synthesizer.

Overlay designs range from classic black and white, blue, seafoam, brown, and various color-coding options to help with sound design and live performance.

All designs use high-contrast graphics and large type, where possible, for easy viewing in low light.

The designs also feature indicators behind the keyboard keys to help with live performance, color-coding to help identify functions associated with Pattern View and Rhythm Track editing, as well as shift function parameters. There are also several ‘cheat-sheet’ notes along the bottom to help remember some of the less obvious functions.

Pricing and Availability:

The Roland SH-4D overlays are available now, priced at $37 US dollars each.

One thought on “Overlays For Roland SH-4D Synthesizer Now Available

  1. I like the look of these overlays, they do visually group the knobs & sliders which should make the synth easier to use. But then, I’ve never any trouble finding my way round the front panel of the SH-4D, menus are another matter. The price is quite high, with the added work of installing this yourself and the possible risk of damaging the synth in the process… Not sure I need all of that!

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