First Tiptop Audio ART-Equipped Polyphonic Eurorack Modules Now Available

Tiptop Audio announced today that they’ve released the first set of ART-equipped modules, which feature a new patching system that they say “makes polyphonic patching effortless.”

ART establishes a new signal standard in Eurorack systems, just like CV Gate and 1V/Oct. ART modules are Eurorack modules and use Eurorack signal levels for oscillator audio and gate/cv controls, the same power connector, and are designed to blend into any Eurorack system. But they also include ‘Polytip’ connectors, which are connected using special Polytip patch cables.

Tiptop is starting with the release of the ATX1 Analog VCO, Vortex Digital OSC, Octopus USB/MIDI interface, ART V/OCT Quantizer, and Control Path dual analog envelopes plus VCA.

Here’s the official intro, which explains how ART-equipped modules work:

And here’s a deep dive into the world of the Octopus ART interface:

In addition to making the ART-equipped modules, Tiptop Audio plans to publish information for both DIYers and module makers on how to implement ART, including a free reference design that adds ART to Mutable Instruments Braids and Plaits.


The first batch of ART modules is available now. Tiptop is also offering discounted bundles of ART modules. See their site for details.

6 thoughts on “First Tiptop Audio ART-Equipped Polyphonic Eurorack Modules Now Available

  1. I was very excited about this development until I heard the TipTop guy dismiss the idea of different tuning systems by saying something like, “Let’s face it, no one is on the pop charts using microtonality”. (As if anyone is on the pop charts using Eurorack….)

    1. There is loads of microtuning in pop charts. Since like the 60’s and in the last year.
      I guess he didn’t think about that and now it may be not easy to implement so he finds excuses, or maybe he is just lazy. Anyway this kind of attitude does put him off as porson more than the tech.

      But maybe there is hope, this is from the ART page FAQ
      “Discrete polyphony patch = a polyphonic patch made from single modules, like multiple ATXs that goes into multiple filters and multiple vcas. Obviously it is very interesting to try and make each voice different from the other”So at least equal temperament seems to be possible.
      Could be a good opportunity to finally make eurorack with presets and remedy the two main disadvantages compared to non modular synths.

    2. Frank – our understanding is that the ART spec will be open, so anyone could potentially create a module that lets you use alternate tunings.

  2. they really need to up the marketing game the first video was so dull I cannot bring myself to watch any more and they really should have colour coded this stuff the endless sea of white sockets is obnoxious they might as well have white text on a yellow background I can’t see what is going on I’m out

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