Warm Audio ‘Out-Behringers’ Behringer, Introduces Moogerfooger Knockoff You Can Actually Buy

Warm Audio looks like it’s on a mission to ‘out-Behringer’ Behringer, introducing the ‘Ringerbringer’ Ring Modulator, a knockoff of the Moog Moogerfooger MF-102 Ring Modulator.

About a year ago, Behringer introduced an entire line of Moogerfooger knockoffs, but the company has yet to ship any of them. Warm Audio’s Ringerbringer is already available.

Warm Audio says that the Ringerbringer “delivers true-to-spec performance of the boutique, analog original.”


  • 100% Analog Ring Modulation Pedal With LFO, MOD, Frequency & RATE Controls
  • “Premium Components” Including LM13700M & TL072ACDR Op-Amps + Hand-Selected Transistors (DMMT3906W & MMBT3904) For True-To-Spec Performance
  • LFO Controls: Amount, Rate, & Sine/Square Wave Switch
  • Modulation Controls: Mix, Frequency, & Lo/Hi Switch
  • Universal Drive Control + LED Indicators For Level, LFO, & Bypass
  • CV Inputs: Rate | Amount | Mix | Frequency
  • 1/4″ Input Jacks: Audio In | Audio Out | LFO Out | Carrier IN/Out
  • Output Impedance: 600 Ohms | Buffered Bypass
  • 9-Volt Battery or /External 9V Regulated (center-negative) DC adapter
  • Nominal Current Draw: 100 mA (9V)
  • Custom Black Panel Enclosure With Retro Faux-Wood Sides
  • Dimensions: 6.5” x 5.25” x 3” | Product Weight: 1.90 lbs

Pricing and Availability:

The Warm Audio Ringerbringer is available now for $219 USD.

28 thoughts on “Warm Audio ‘Out-Behringers’ Behringer, Introduces Moogerfooger Knockoff You Can Actually Buy

  1. Shame if you are in the UK both this and the tone bender clone has 70’s esq double enendre names.

    Other wise I am over the moon to have access to an analog ring mod at a not laughably high price. I bought all 4 well known foogers back when they were already too much used for less than a single ring mod now.

  2. it STILL takes many years to design and produce a high volume consumer level product. Behringer announces products at the BEGINNING of development. everyone else at the END. you will be able to buy Behringer pedals when they’re done development, just like any every other large company.

    if anyone is interested, I have 12 moogerfoogers I would love to get rid of, rack mount cases included!

  3. It would be amusing if someone started doing an active B* thing and all of their products consistently delivered not only good sound quality, but tough builds. Clash of the Clones!

    Everyone has a personal take on the “best” gear, but in the end, a synth is a synth, because it follows the physics of sound. Its just a matter of hunkering down over a few good ones. I’m not a modular player, but I’ve always seen Moogerfoogers as a great resource. They hit classically vital spots well. The specs on this are encouraging.

  4. I really hope they end up doing most of the moogerfooger line. analog delay, phasor, lowpass filter

    the build quality seems excellent and the prices are closer to what Moogerfoogers cost back in the 2000s (!)

  5. Brother. It is your rear end so damage by Behringer…that you need to add Behringer in a non-Behringer news?

    Synthopia is used to be a ‘non-biased’ webpage who reported news on synths no matter the name of the product or the company behind it.

    What happened to you man?

    1. Seriously, Sid, it seems like you could be projecting with the butthurt comment.

      Who reports more on Behringer synths than Synthtopia? A while back, people were reaming Synthtopia for covering Behringer too much!

      Bottom line: Call a knockoff a knockoff, and the Behringer fangirls will get their panties in a wad.

      1. Spoken like a true keyboard warrior lol, you’d never call anyone a fangirl infront of their face, heck you wouldnt even dare to call your own postman slow LuLz

    2. Sid – how can you see Behringer NOT being relevant to this story?

      This is direct competition to Behringer’s Moogerfooger knockoffs, and it’s available now. The Warm Audio version might cost a little more, but it’s probably built a little better. The ‘Ringerbringer’ name is even making fun of Behringer.

      Warm Audio hasn’t done the douchie stuff that Behringer’s known for, so having a ‘less douchie’ option will probably appeal to people, too.

  6. Never understood the hype for the Ring mod. Not exactly a sound you can use on just anything. Arguably it just makes most things sound shit

    1. It’s one of those effects that don’t have many sweet spots but when you do hit one you can make some truly great sounds. Takes some skills and of course, it does not suit all musical genres equally.

    2. Ring modulators tend to really shine in modular systems, where you can have both sound sources tracking together instead of what typically happens with guitar pedal ring modulators where one sound source is a static internal oscillator and the other is a guitar or keyboard input. (I’m assuming somewhat, I don’t have a pedal ring modulator) In a modular system you can use a ring mod to create very realistic wooden, glass, and metallic tones that can be played musically. (and plenty of crazy unmusical sounds too of course!)

  7. “About a year ago, Behringer introduced an entire line of Moogerfooger knockoffs, but the company has yet to ship any of them.”

    That’s a whacky way to use the word “introduced”.

  8. One difference between Behringer and other manufacturers is the fact that they say what they are working on. The others work on their stuff in secret for years. Both is fine with me, but one should be aware of this difference. I think it’s a bit odd to mock a manufacturer for being open about their work. There are plenty of other things to adress when questioning Behringer ethics.

    1. That’s a good point. There are people waiting/hoping for a BS-80 (CS-80) and JT-16 (Jupiter-8) clone. I’m still waiting for the Two-Voice.

  9. It’s pretty gross to see any company ripping off the trade dress of another company so blatantly. The fact that they are probably doing this to troll Behringer is funny but they would be better off trying to find their own design language for their pedals. Doing a knockoff of a knockoff is just weird.

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