Native Instruments Intros Free Jacob Collier ‘Audience Choir’

Native instruments has introduced Jacob Collier Audience Choir, a free virtual instrument that features the sound of a choir of thousands of voices.

The samples behind Audience Choir were recorded during Collier’s Djesse world tour, and feature thousands of voices, recorded from Adelaide to Zurich.

Pricing and Availability:

Audience Choir is available now as a free download, but registration at the NI site is required.

2 thoughts on “Native Instruments Intros Free Jacob Collier ‘Audience Choir’

  1. Nice that it’s free, but not really something that I found is usable or inspiring. There are many other choirs for Kontakt that are mapped better for a keyboard. This seems sort of crude.

  2. I agree. I downloaded and installed this. This was a huge effort, because the Native Access app was corrupted. Once it was installed, it was just “meh”. I have tons of more usable choirs in Alchemy or Spitfire stuff.

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