Noise Engineering Intros Sinc Legio, New Oscillator For Legio Platform

Noise Engineering has announced Sinc Legio, a new oscillator for their Legio platform.

The Noise Engineering Legio platform is a Eurorack hardware platform that can load a wide variety of firmware, making it the foundation of developing a wide variety of module types. In a nutshell, the platform uses a standard DSP hardware platform, and only the panels and firmware differ from module to module.

An advantage of this approach is that anyone with a Legio module can download and try any other firmware for it, for free.

NE says that Sinc Legio is inspired by Sinc Iter, an oscillator they had to discontinue, but is ’embellished a bit’. Sinc Legio is stereo, and has stereo phase-modulation inputs, multiple sound-generation algorithms, and a vintage-inspired chorus.

They recommend Sinc Legio for bright sounds, FM plucks, and waveshaped and folded sounds.

Since it is based on the Legio platform, current Legio owners can try it on release day, simply by visiting the Noise Engineering Customer Portal.

Pricing and Availability:

Sinc Legio is available now in black and silver for $310 USD.

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