Synesthesia AR Brings Augmented Reality Audio Tools To Apple Vision Pro

AudioKit Pro has announced Synthesthesia AR, a new application for Apple Vision Pro that “augments how you interact with sound”.

Synesthesia AR puts an array of audio tools into users’ virtual space, including a Chord Analyzer, Tuner, Spectrogram, Waveform, VU Meter, and Equalizer. The tools look like they are part of your physical space, and they respond to what you hear.

The example above shows how Synthesthesia AR can ‘listen’ to what you or others perform, and visualize the chords played in real time. 


  • Chord Analyzer: Unlock the secrets of any chord with AI-driven analysis, displaying names and piano keyboard representations. Perfect for learning, teaching, and composing.
  • Tuner: Stay in tune with a visually stunning needle animation and a chart view for tracking your tuning history.
  • Spectrogram: See your sound with a detailed spectrogram view, revealing the rich textures of audio frequencies over time.
  • Waveform: Get a live oscilloscope-like view of your audio signal, offering a window into the dynamics of your music.
  • VU Meter: Gauge the amplitude of your incoming signal with a simple, intuitive display.
  • Equalizer: Visualize your audio’s frequency spectrum in real-time.

Pricing and Availability:

Synthesthesia AR is available now with an intro price of $19.99 USD (normally $39.99).

4 thoughts on “Synesthesia AR Brings Augmented Reality Audio Tools To Apple Vision Pro

  1. I echo skipg’s comment. Has anyone approached the problem of sweat with any and all headphones & goggles? Noooo! AI can analyze my arse if the GUI is uncomfortable to use. I ain’t Iron Man, so I don’t feel a need for a heads-up display. I have no issues it really addresses.

    Its going to happen, clearly, but I’ll stick with my known tools and wait until the VR aspect gets through its first two or three maiden voyages. It’ll feel overpriced and a bit alien until (and unless) it proves itself to be a usable option to pushing faders by hand.

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