Live Synth Jam, ‘Cloud9’, Inspired By ’80s Tangerine Dream

The latest synth jam from synthesist Karol Pokojowczyk (Caught in Joy) is a live performance inspired by the classic sounds of Tangerine Dream.

While the arrangement gives a nod to Tangerine Dream’s Steve Reich-inspired soundtrack for the film Risky Business, listeners may also hear echoes of the ’70s Philip Glass piece, North Star.

Here’s what Pokojowczyk shared about the technical details:

“Played and performed live with my favorite synthesizers, where I delved deeper into the organic sounds of the Moog One, reunited with my trusty friend, the Jupiter, and experimented with some newfound techniques.

Hope you dig this glimpse into my musical escapades!”

6 thoughts on “Live Synth Jam, ‘Cloud9’, Inspired By ’80s Tangerine Dream

  1. Wow, Karol has the touch and then some. Excellent work! Some synths don’t seem to be in the right hands, but I’ll bet his instruments are very happy. Some people lean on the mechanical aspects of a rig in a lazy sort of hobbyist’s fashion, but Karol is a proper storyteller. New fan here.

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