Phase Plant Expressive Suite Features 400 MPE Presets For Osmose & Other MPE Controllers


Expressive E has introduced Phase Plant Expressive Suite, a new sound library for Kilohearts’ Phase Plant software synthesizer that’s designed with expressive MPE performance in mind.

“We have worked hand in hand with our friends at Kilohearts for a seamless plug-and-play MPE experience with Osmose,” they say.

The library features 400 MPE presets (4 banks with 100 presets each) for Kilohearts’ Phase Plant plugin. The library is available separately or in a bundle with Phase Plant.

Pricing and Availability:

The collection of 4 MPE sound banks (400+ presets) is available now for €39.00 (normally €79.00), or as a bundle with Phase Plant for €99.00.

9 thoughts on “Phase Plant Expressive Suite Features 400 MPE Presets For Osmose & Other MPE Controllers

  1. Works well enough with other MPE controllers (e.g. Exquis). Nice deal on Phase Plant itself.
    Wish the synth supported MTS-ESP.

    1. It’s 400 presets for $39 or 400 presets plus the the full phase plant plug-in, including factory library and all the free kilo hearts add on plugins for $99. actually a really great deal and a no-brainer, especially if you have an Osmose. bought immediately. you can also use PayPal payments at just under 25 bucks a payment if you choose the phase plant version. not sure if it gets much better than that, tbh.

  2. I’ve been using Equator 2 with my Expressive-E and it looks similar to PhasePlant in many ways. Equator 2 is specifically geared toward MPE controlled and it’s a very deep synthesis engine. Does anyone have both of these plug-ins and can advise whether or not it’s worth me having both?

    1. I have both. I like both. MPE soundset by Luftrum for Equator 2 is fantastic. Phase Plant also sounds incredibly good.

      1. Thanks–I took the plunge and bought this package yesterday, and I have to say it is a CPU-devourer! I’m running an 8-core Xeon with 22gbs of RAM and every time I play chords with most of these sounds I’m getting a CPU spike near 100. I really hope it responds differently on my MacBook Pro, or this will be an unfortunate purchase. But yes I can tell it’s a monster synth.

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