Heritage Modular Synthesizer Combines Vintage Look With Digital Technology

Synthesist Jean-Luc Briançon (Kurtz Mindfields) shared this synth jam, featuring the Heritage Modular Synthesizer, created by Frédéric Rible.

The Heritage Modular synthesizer has been designed to mimic the typical look and feel of an early 1970s modular synthesizer, but with 8-voice polyphony and MIDI MPE support.

The core of the synthesizer is based on Pure Data: a powerful sound engine for the generation and processing of audio signal. The underlying algorithms have been chosen for faithful emulation of analog circuitry characteristics.

A dedicated set of hardware modules has been designed to act as controllers for Pure Data. These modules are populated with knobs, switches, lights and jack sockets, modeled on the classical modular synthesizer. The communication between Pure Data and these hardware modules is done via an I2C bus implemented over a standard 16-pin Eurorack connector.

For more info on the Heritage Modular Synthesizer, see the project site.

8 thoughts on “Heritage Modular Synthesizer Combines Vintage Look With Digital Technology

  1. i’ll be honest; I vastly prefer a VST in a hardware box than a computer. working through TV and a mouse is a drag.

    sounds lovely too. idk about the polyphonic part though the fun in modular is many voices with different textures.

    more of this please. without video, it doesn’t multitask on mobile.

  2. I like the trend of folks developing more advanced software based hardware. sure, full analog has a nice appeal, but I also love new-age modules that use systems like daisy to push beyond the normal analog boundaries. like someone else mentioned in comments, it’s extremely satisfying to use what is essentially a vst with a dedicated hardware interface.

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