New Befaco VCO, VCF & MIDI Modules

Befaco has announced three new modules, the Pony VCF, Octaves VCO and MIDI Thing V2 for Eurorack modular systems, available assembled or as DIY kits.

The new modules are being announced via a livestreaming event, embedded below:

The new modules include:

  • The Octaves VCO is a a Square wave additive oscillator. Befaco describes it as “a sonic power house, where you can get harsh sonorities adding frequency multiplications. You can have multiple outputs with the cascade summing outs and CV control over each frequency multiplier.”
  • The Pony VCF is  Low pass filter with three inputs, volume control, feedback and a VCA, all in 6 HP.
  • The MIDI Thing 2 is a MIDI to CV power house converter that features not just a conversion, but also Oscillators, LFOs, ADSRs and more.

Pricing and Availability:

  • Octaves Module will be available March 28 for (Assembled/Kit) 210€/160€ + TAXES.
  • The Pony VCF will be available March 28 for (Assembled/Kit) 165€/120€ + TAXES
  • MIDI Thing 2 will be available April 18th (Assembled/Kit) 270€/200€ + TAXES

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