SideRack Lets You Integrate iOS Plugins With Your DAW

NovoNotes has introduced SideRack, a new system that lets you integrate iOS plugins running on your iPad or iPhone with your Mac DAW.

The system includes three plugins:

  • SideRack Audio Effect sends audio to and receives audio from the SideRack Server.
  • SideRack MIDI Effect sends MIDI to and receives MIDI from the SideRack Server.
  • SideRack Instrument sends MIDI to the SideRack Server and receives audio back.


  • AUv3 Plugin Compatibility – SideRack makes these plugins usable from a DAW on a Mac.
  • Low Latency  – The latency associated with transferring and processing audio and MIDI is kept as low as possible. This latency is automatically compensated for in many DAWs, ensuring that audio between tracks is perfectly synchronized with sample accuracy.
  • Multiple Instruments and Effects – You can use as many instrument and effect plugins on iOS devices as your machine’s power allows. Unlike hardware products or IDAM, the number of plugins is not limited by the number of I/O channels. Flexible routing is possible, allowing you to chain multiple effects within a single rack or process in parallel
  • Synchronizing Sequencer Plugins – SideRack synchronizes sequencer plugins on mobile devices with the tempo and playback position of the desktop DAW. AUv3 plugins with functionalities like piano rolls or drum machines are integrated into the DAW workflow more seamlessly than ever before.
  • High-Quality Audio Processing – SideRack transfers uncompressed audio and MIDI data in real-time.
  • Easy Setup – SideRack can be set up in a few steps, allowing immediate use of mobile device plugins in your DAW. The setting information of AUv3 plugins, including parameters, is also saved in the project file on the Mac side, so there is no need to manage separate files for each device.

Pricing and Availability:

SideRack is available now for $78 USD ( normally $98).

25 thoughts on “SideRack Lets You Integrate iOS Plugins With Your DAW

    1. Um, you must be looking at a different site to me.
      It’s right there at the bottom of the article, like it always is on Synthtopia.

      Pricing and Availability:
      SideRack is AVAILABLE now for $78 USD ( normally $98).

      The AVAILABLE bit is the link to the website.

  1. Paying 100,- for something that needs constant updates if Apple changes something is a no go. This should be doable within the MacOS & iOS without the need for other apps.

  2. If this really works with an acceptable latency it is worth every penny.
    I was always thinking why Apple doesn’t develop such a software. Now its there. Thank you for that post!

  3. I was a studiomux (similar function) user till the project was essentially abandoned a few years ago by its developers. I’d like to integrate my iPad apps into my DAW workflow again but kinda burnt by that situation and relying on one small independent developer. Hopefully with the price this developer can offer longer more reliable support but also seems kinda risky if it will only work for a couple years then not be supported in a future os update.

    1. i was just going to say this. the audio midi app has been there for ages and was updated to let people do just this ages ago now. ive had no issues with latency and it was such an awesome thing to do, of having a drum machine app on your phone receive midi from the mac and send audio into it. i remember having no latency issues either!

    2. IDAM is pretty limited and can only play audio one direction from iOS to macOS. This allows you to use iOS apps as external processing within your DAW sending audio to and from the apps.

    1. yes, StudioMux was great. It worked until iOS 9 or 10, then it became more and more erratic after each iOS update. I guess that it was no more possible for the developers to maintain StudioMux, which costed not much. SideRack seems to include future development costs, which is reflected in the high price.

  4. nice solution but this stuff should be integrated from the get go.

    we are at a point where we really don’t need to divided these platforms
    they can have built in integration its just a money game at this point.
    let them be integrated natively less headache for all

    1. Be careful what you wish for. The ios apps are significantly cheaper than their macos counterparts. They may have less functionality than their mac siblings but you’re still getting a great app/program for $10-$20 bucks.

  5. A person could use a hardware MIDI/Audio i/o to link systems. Or as Jon mentioned, there is inter-device MIDI/Audio.

    Quite a few of these interconnectivity apps have come and gone over the years.

    1. So essentially this app is pointless… $98 for app that mimics what’s already built/baked in in latest iOS and iPadOS , really?
      Btw; I still have Studiomux on my iPad Pro and Mac and it works ok ?

  6. Cool idea yes? but yea it’s a money grab


    Kinda would have had to be released before any pirating happened but even then

  7. Here in Windows world to integrate iOS apps I just treat it like any other external synth/desk module. Ipad/phone to small audio interface, midi and audio in/out….. latency isnt an issue since the CPU and ram is pretty fast and plentiful.

    I thought the iOS apps could just be used in the MacOS by simply installing from the AppStore, not need to have the iPad/iPhone connected… or at least use it as an usb audio device.

  8. This app is already amazing, it supports unlimited channels and now parameter automation and many more things. you can stack plugins or just use them as vst with state saving! Only thing missing now is multiout. Anyway this is faaar beyond studiomux trash

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