Roland Introduces Two New Portable Keyboards: GO:KEYS 3 and GO:KEYS 5

Today Roland announced the GO:KEYS 3 and GO:KEYS 5 Music Creation Keyboards, two portable instruments “filled with intuitive tools for learning and enjoying music.”

They say that these keyboards unlock a simple new approach to making music, encouraging users to explore sounds and ideas in the moment, with no previous experience required. As the user’s skills develop, deeper features allow them to “travel as far as their ambition takes them.”

Roland go:KEYS3

Interactive interfaces on the GO:KEYS 3 and GO:KEYS 5 stimulate discovery and encourage “spontaneous” musical moments, inspiring progress and urging creative voices to emerge.

The streamlined GO:KEYS 3 offers a core feature set with a touch-sensitive 61-note keyboard and an onboard stereo speaker system. GO:KEYS 5 includes all the primary features of its sibling, plus a speaker system with extended bass response, a mic input with vocal effects, and enhanced audio connectivity.

GO:KEYS 3 and GO:KEYS 5 come equipped with the ZEN-Core sound engine found in flagship Roland performance keyboards like FANTOM and JUPITER-X. Both models include over 1000 sounds from Roland’s historic library, which has motivated top music artists in every genre for over 50 years. Players can journey through a universe of possibilities, from acoustic pianos and orchestral instruments to modern synthesizers, guitars, drums, and beyond.

GO:KEYS 3 and GO:KEYS 5 are filled with ready-made chord progressions in various styles, allowing anyone to experiment with creating melodies and arpeggios over automatic musical backing. It’s also possible to craft custom chord sequences to write original music and play along with progressions from favorite songs. As chords play, the user can perform with the sound by remixing backing parts and applying a range of colorful effects.

Once chord progressions are mastered, the player can go further by directing a band of virtual musicians. Each keyboard includes a wide selection of dynamic accompaniments, which can be controlled with one or two left-hand fingers while playing melodies, chords, and solos with the right hand.

GO:KEYS 3 and GO:KEYS 5 feature compact, all-in-one designs that allow users to play and enjoy music anywhere in their living space. The built-in speakers provide self-contained sound, while support for AA battery power makes setup fast and easy. Onboard recording is also available to evaluate progress and share music on social media channels.

Both keyboards support playing along with favorite songs via Bluetooth or USB memory. Bluetooth MIDI and audio/MIDI over USB are also available, opening the door to further creative possibilities with music apps on computers and mobile devices.

GO:KEYS 3 and GO:KEYS 5 users can access a world of additional sounds and accompaniment styles on Roland Cloud, an ever-expanding online hub for Roland creative content. Roland Cloud offers three monthly membership tiers—all with a 30-day free all-access trial—plus the ability to purchase sound selections individually if desired.

Both keyboards also support Roland Cloud Connect, an optional wireless adapter that lets users browse, audition, and download Roland Cloud content from a smartphone or tablet. A purchase of Roland Cloud Connect also includes one year of Roland Cloud Pro membership.

Each new GO:KEYS model comes in a variety of attractive colors for different tastes and lifestyles. GO:KEYS 3 is available in turquoise, dark red, or midnight blue, while GO:KEYS 5 is available in graphite or white.

Pricing and Availability. The Roland GO:KEYS 3 and Roland GO:KEYS 5 are now available in the U.S. for $349.99 and 499.99 respectively. More information at

15 thoughts on “Roland Introduces Two New Portable Keyboards: GO:KEYS 3 and GO:KEYS 5

      1. Exactly what I was thinking… looks more of a tinker toy than anything but it could be a relatively simple way to start the music/recording journey (aka. rabbit hole)… mind you, the tasteful rug and potted indoor plants in the photo just might make me buy one.

  1. I’ve got a teen son who would probably love this. Need to find out more, but looks promising if the keybed is of good quality. Even a subset of Roland sounds should keep anybody happy.

    1. word up, i am thinking about my daughter with this as an upgrade from her basic casio with 100 tones. i like that it can also do bluetooth midi as she has wanted something to bang notes into garageband on an ipad, we have other stuff but it all requires a few dongles to connect so it basically never gets used lol

  2. A 61 key keyboard with weighted keys. It’s all I need from a keyboard. Anything else is not important. Why is this not possible?

  3. Aww man! I *get* that you cannot please all the crazies on the interweb, myself included ?, but I wish it had the Roland joystick rather than the traditional wheel.

    I sold my DS61 to fund the Fantom 06, but this looks like it might be a fun living room / family / portable thing to play with, *especially* if it has some of the same sounds.

    I hope keybed is OK-ish.

  4. The promotional video is spot-on. Change the music style to whatever you liked when you were this guy’s age and you’ll relate to this.
    I least I do
    Great focus group here

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