New Sample-Modeling Drum Machine, Visco, Lets You Bend & Stretch Samples

New music software startup Forever 89 has launched, with the release of their first virtual instrument, Visco.

The company was founded by a pair of industry veterans: Svante Stadler, who has previously worked for Teenage Engineering, Reason Studios, Auxy, XLN Audio, Mellotron, and Pacemaker; and Rikard Jönsson, who has worked as Product Marketing Manager at Ableton and Product Manager at Ableton subsidiary Cycling ‘74.

Visco is a drum machine virtual instrument that they describe as “equal parts designated beat maker, competent sound design tool, and live performance drum machine”.

Visco can model and manipulate any sample you supply, freeing you from the usual limitations of sampled audio. The plugin visualizes your sample as a ‘blob’, that you can stretch and bend. You can also use it to blend between the timbres of two sounds.


  • 8 Track, 32 Voice Drum Engine – Turn any drum sample into a synthesized counterpart, free from the usual limitations of recorded audio
  • Character and Shape – Play with time, frequency, timbre, velocity, and more to create subtle and not-so-subtle variations
  • Modulation Matrix with expansive modulation options
  • Step Sequencer with randomize option
  • Mixer and effects section
  • Presets and sound library

Pricing and Availability:

Visco is available now for €99 (normally €139).

One thought on “New Sample-Modeling Drum Machine, Visco, Lets You Bend & Stretch Samples

  1. Visco is a joy to use. Intuitive, fun, and very effective. It sparks creative juices in a way that most beat machines don’t: by inviting the artist to immediately think outside of what it means to sample and create beats. In this highly congested space, it is a diamond in the rough and is up there with 2020 Beat Machine for me. A stellar tool for creative self-expression born from a team that is passionate about what they do.

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