Hypnotic Synth Music With Eurorack & Moog Format Modular Synthesizers

Synthesist Martin Peters shared this hypnotic Berlin School style live performance, Entanglement.

The performance features sounds of both Eurorack and Moog format modular systems, along with Minimoog lead.

Here’s what Peters shared about the technical details:

“It starts with a sequence on the Behringer Victor. Then the bass from the Synthesizers.com modular comes in. After that sequences from the Rob Hordijk OSC HRM, Oberheim SEM, Verbos Harmonic Oscillator, Korg Opsix and DSI Mopho are added. Strings are from the Waldorf Q Keyboard and the solo’s from the Moog Minimoog.:

2 thoughts on “Hypnotic Synth Music With Eurorack & Moog Format Modular Synthesizers

  1. Excellent. Not quite like anyone else’s Berlin explorations. There’s some refreshing interaction going on. Its relaxing without being just an ambient cloud. I also appreciate the rig that’s half modular and half classic vintage, the Opsix excepted. Interesting choices.

  2. Great stuff – I like how the sequences never get stagnant, and how he’s using a mix of modern gear within a traditional style.

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