Neuzeit Instruments Warp Brings AI To Eurorack

Neuzeit Instruments let us know that they’ve released a new firmware for their Warp Eurorack synthesizer module that features an AI-powered wavetable generator.

Warp is a four-voice hybrid additive/wavetable synthesizer in Eurorack format. It features a wavetable editor that works with artificial intelligence.

A neural network generates overtone spectra that are translated into wavetables by Warp. Three parameters are available to the user, with which you can morph through the creations of the neural network.

The generated wavetables can be used within Warp and also be exported as a wav file for use in other synthesizers.

“This might be the first artificial intelligence in Eurorack or even in a hardware synth,” notes NI’s Thomas Hutmann. Leave a comment if you know of other Eurorack modules that are using AI technology.


  • Wavetable morphing in two dimensions (XY)
  • Complex spectral filters
  • Wavetable FX (Fold, Bend, Drive, Redux)
  • Oscillator FX (AM, FM, PM, Sync, Noise, Detune)
  • 2 ADSRs, 2 LFOs
  • Extensive modulation matrix
  • Classic high and low pass filters per voice
  • 4 wavetable editors onboard, also supporting import of wavetable files from SD card
  • 7 potentiometers as expressive hands-on macro controls
  • Workflow focussed on detailed work in the studio, easy handling on stage

The WarpEx expander adds:

  • MIDI support and extensive CC control
  • 4-voice polyphony

Warp Audio Demos:


The new Warp firmware v2.00 is available now as a free download.

5 thoughts on “Neuzeit Instruments Warp Brings AI To Eurorack

  1. This sounds a bit like the Hartmann Neuron. If I recall correctly, they were using an exotic flavour of additive synthesis to generate the sound instead of wavetables, but the analysis used a neural network, and resulted in a model with relevant parameters to control.

  2. I liked what Neuzeit is doing for this module and may get one of their products to try one day. Hopefully they keep adding good stuff to this (what apparently seems like) powerful module.

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