The Programma 900 Harmonic Music Computer

Destiny Plus shared this video intro to their Programma 900 Harmonic Musical Computer.


  • Programma 900 has 6 polytonal voices, each featuring Odd harmonic, Even harmonic, Harmonic partials, Harmonic tilt and fundamental frequency control.
  • Four quadrant multiplication of individual voices
  • x32 complex gestural cv buffers allowing 6 min cv recording windows for all x32 mod destinations and voice envelopes
  • Individual modes for speed and attenuation for each x32 gestural cv buffer.
  • 3000 note MIDI record buffer and looper.
  • X3 location A-B-C / pan controls
  • Experimental Stereo regeneration / delay algorithm with over 12 min regeneration buffers, multiple regeneration modes & buffer filters.
  • 6x interpolating morphing inputs to each voice
  • Desktop app native to Mac OS X opens extra utilities on the hardware, including:
    • Multiple voice allocation modes
    • Pnp / drum mode
    • Dice/randomizing all hardware parameters
    • Grouping banks of parameters together per voice.
    • Calibration
    • Saving / exporting and importing / preset management.

For additional details, see the Destiny Plus site.

40 thoughts on “The Programma 900 Harmonic Music Computer

  1. What can you use it for?
    Hands up anyone who could say: “That would fit RIGHT in the current song I’m making!”

  2. disappointing comments here once again. i figured “synthesists” would be more open minded towards new/experimental sounds, but I guess I was giving you guys too much credit. You know, lots of people would say a lot of those old analog synths sound like farts, too.

    1. so i am curious, at what point in the demo above did you think: gee, what an interesting new sound?
      It sounds awful, and very cliche as far as so called “experimental” sounds go.

      1. “Why Ike, whatever do you mean? Maybe poker’s just not your game. I know! Let’s have a spelling contest!“


      2. Throughout the video I heard many interesting and new sounds that I thought would sound great in idm or breakcore music. Thanks for asking, Jefe.

    2. I lol so often at some of the comments on a synth site where people get their panties in a bind over um “sounds” whaaaaa how can I make a song from these weird sounds? Waaaaaw help me mommy, my head hurts… weird noises I am confused LOL!

      geezus. They are sounds! We work with sounds! It’s called synthesis!!!!!
      If you are too stock vanilla brain dead boring to find uses for them “maybe poker isn’t your game,”

      lol what a world!

  3. Sounds like something went terribly wrong with the build and they pretended the synthesizer was supposed to sound like this and put it on the market anyhow. In other words, they tried to make lemonade out of lemons. No one in their right mind would purposefully decide to design an instrument that sounds like this.

  4. I have to say it sort of looks like an ai image of a synth, like how ai’s can’t always get 5 fingers on a human hand. The features sound interestingly different but I’d have to wait for a walkthrough. there’s another demo on their site which has slightly more ‘conventional’ sounds on. stress on slightly though!

  5. on kirkis twitter ” If you wanted to perform synthesis and derive over 600 partials (partial is a sinusoid) at 44.1khz,In real time, with 0 latency and handle peripherals like frequency control, amplitude, modulation with floating point operations the computational cost is 26,460,000 operations per second. there is 6 of these harmonic cores performing 158,760,000 operations per second in p900 minus all the peripherals like regen algorithms and cv buffers etc so at its core I think its a……computer. “

  6. Gotta say it’s pretty cool and kinda of got me thinking.. It looks really futuristic, I love the graphs and emblems all over that keep the sound design concepts front of mind. I think it is so cool to see small companies make future facing instruments. It takes so much courage and creativity. Also just the business and manufacturing sense to get the job done is insanely expensive and risky.. I bet they are barely braking even with what they are charging. That doesn’t make it cheap though. If I got a chance to try it out I think I would. It definitely fits my style of sound design focused techno

    These comments are absolutely brutal. I think the synth sounds brilliant and I spend time with bespoke synths all day. More than the sound it’s making in that moment, its about getting from one place to another and a mix of faders and knob groupings really attractive to me

    Also love the name

  7. Not a lot of Autechre fans here, I take it.

    I think this thing sounds wonderful. It’s expensive for my pocket though.

    1. i love autechre, but this is just stupid with it’s faux off center random control placement scribble panel. and of course color coded LED’s for builtin 8% customer dissatisfaction is no surprise either.

      1. Most will be able to diffrient this product orange from blue LEDS that are considered colorblind friendly.
        Also, Tritanopia (blue and yellow) is only 0.4% of caucasian men. 8% is for any short of color blindness (for caucasian men)
        3% asian men
        3% hispanic men
        1.4% black men
        Less than 1% Caucasian women
        Less than 1% of Autechre tracks are good.

  8. “The perfect tool for making DAWless ambient BANGERS when your wife’s boyfriend takes her and your children on vacation!”

  9. The folk on here hating on this are 100 making generic tiresome music that will never register as meaningful or memorable!

  10. synthtopia still having the most garbage comment section out there.
    just constant pathetic whining, narrowminded as it gets.

    this thing sounds spectacular. cant wait to get it.

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