Behringer Admits ‘Mistake’, Drops Price Of Eurorack Go Brackets

Behringer has responded to customer criticism of its Eurorack Go Bracket pricing, saying that they made a ‘mistake’ and dropping the price by $30.

Earlier this week, we reported that Behringer had introduced the Bracket, but that some customers were complaining about the unexpectedly high price. Behringer had priced the Eurorack Go Bracket at $79 USD, more than twice the price of the Tiptop Mantis Bracket it copies.

The company responded to the criticism by saying, “There was a mistake on our side. We adjusted them to $49 USD.” Even with the reduced price, though, some customers question why they should pay a premium for a Behringer copy.

“That’s slightly better,” notes one. “But the Mantis 2 tier Brackets, which perfectly fit your Go cases, are only $38. Usually you guys price your items more competitively compared to the products you take your ‘inspiration’ from.”


  • Bracket kit to connect two EURORACK GO cases for 560 HP of case space
  • All hardware included
  • Aluminum construction

Pricing and Availability:

The Eurorack Go Bracket is now shipping, priced at $49 USD.

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    1. Metal work is usually the most costly part for an electronics company, with these types of products (like optional rack ears) it’s being more pronounced.

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