MicroMusic AI-Powered Synth Preset Generator Recreates Patches From Audio

MicroMusic is a free AI-powered patch generator for Vital that recreates synth patches from audio.

You input an audio sample, and MicroMusic outputs a Vital preset file. Behind the scenes, MicroMusic uses machine learning to find the optimal parameters to create the closest matching preset it can.

Here’s an intro to how MicroMusic works:


MicroMusic is available now as a free download. The official release of MicroMusic is planned for June 1, 2024.

4 thoughts on “MicroMusic AI-Powered Synth Preset Generator Recreates Patches From Audio

  1. “In general you want isolated and simple sounds.”

    It’s a sound generator… throw anything you want at it, think outside the box already.

  2. This is basically ML-fueled resynthesis.

    The examples where it missed the mark still produced nice patches, which makes me think that adding some randomness/inaccuracy could be useful.

    I wonder whether as a sound designer I’d be mad that AI was copying my patches or that I wouldn’t care because sampling has been a thing for decades.

    1. Resynthesis has often been aimed at additive synthesis (which lends itself to a workflow of partial extraction and regeneration) or at multisampling. But applying it to other synthesis models (FM/subtractive/granular/wavetable/physical modeling/modular/etc.) seems like it could be very useful. It probably lends itself to statistical and machine learning approaches since you’re trying to generalize a function/model that maps audio into patch parameters, minimizing the audible difference between the generated audio and the input sample.

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