Korg Intros ST1K Tune For Analog & Modular Synthesizers

Ahead of Superbooth 2024, being held in Berlin May 16-18, Korg has introduced the ST1K, a tuner designed specifically for use with analog and modular synths.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Designed with the unique needs of analog and modular synth players in mind, the ST1K is compact, precise, and offers high visibility, ensuring your synth is accurately tuned the way you want every time.

Analog synthesizers can be tricky to tune, with their pitch often fluctuating as the circuit adjusts to temperature changes. You may also want to microtune different oscillators within the one synth. These requirements make reliable tuning essential, whether you’re recording in the studio or performing live.

The ST1K delivers this with its capability for ultra-precise tuning to ±0.1 cent, and features a large CMD LCD display that provides a clear, visually appealing readout of your tuning status, aligning with the aesthetics of modular and analog synths. It also includes a built-in high-sensitivity microphone, expanding its use to a broader range of instruments.?


  • “Optimized circuitry” for stable tuning of analog and modular synths.
  • 3D visual meter.
  • Tuning down to ±0.1 cents.
  • Three meter display modes, in addition to note name display.
  • Compact, flat design that is easy to carry anywhere.

Pricing and Availability:

Details on pricing and availability for the Korg ST1K tuner are still to come at the Korg site.

18 thoughts on “Korg Intros ST1K Tune For Analog & Modular Synthesizers

  1. Cool but: A4=436 to 445 Hz is not enough range.
    Many will want to tune to A4 = 432 or even lower, or higher then 445 Hz

    Maybe a software update can fix this.
    Some of Korgs existing tuners (wich i use) have wider range already.

      1. Because 432hz is an old still widely used concert pitch, and it is used by the spiritual woo woo folks too 😉
        personally like to tune even lower …

        1. Yes the first thing I make sure to do when I fire up the old Eurorack system is make sure my oscillators are perfectly calibrated in unison to an archaic standard only used by 17th century symphonic music or tinfoil hat wearing internet nutters

          1. i like to experiment with differnt base pitches and i have the freedom to choose

            if you have an oscilloscope (like a korg nts 2), a tuner is irrelevant anyway …

          2. This person has the right to tune his/her stuff the bloody way he/she wants. Do not abuse of free comments/free speech and people patience (especially).

  2. Playing live is a fast situation; not enough time to retune so I don’t use my analog synths live. Last gig I had to play w/o hearing myself (not at all ideal but happens). Imagine going out of tune and not hearing it, ugh! However, this may be game changing for me to finally play analog synths with others if I can see the drift visually as it starts to drift.

  3. I’ve been using their (Korg) NTS-2 Oscilloscope for this, which has a tuner with multiple inputs (so you can tune multiple oscillators without re-plugging). That seems like a better idea for modular (you can also then switch to oscilloscope view) although the crap thing is that it won’t show tuning for all inputs simultaneously, you have to select between them via the menu button. I’d just like a freakin’ multi-input tuner with a display that shows tuning for all inputs at the same time.

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