Soundforce Intros Samples II 5-channel Eurorack Sample Player

Ahead of Superbooth 2024, being held May 16-18 in Berlin, SoundForce has introduced Samples II, a 5-channel 4HP Eurorack USB Sample Player.

Samples II is a follow-up on the Samples series of modules, initially released back in 2020. Samples II can now play back and stream wave files directly from a USB memory stick, offering extensive memory space and no wave file length limitation.

Here is a demo video, via DivKid:


  • Low latency: The initial transient audio data is always available in RAM for very fast access, delivering latency of only 0.15ms.
  • Changing sample sets: Using a basic folders/directories system on the USB stick, different sample sets can be loaded by module and the user can scroll through them using the tactile switch. It is also possible to hot swap USB memory sticks on the fly. The modules takes about 1 second to load samples and start playback after the USB stick is plugged in.
  • Playback modes and settings: Playback modes have been implemented for the playback of field recordings, ambient sounds and loops. The playback modes and other options can be changed in a settings text file that is automatically generated by the module and saved in the root of the USB memory stick.
  • Mix OUT: Outputs 1-4 that are not patched are summed together with Channel 5 and sent to the Output 5/MIX jack. An attenuation/mixing system is available.

Price and Availability:

Samples II is available now to order for 199 euros (with 21% VAT)

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