New Waverazor Eurorack Kit For 1010music Bitbox At Superbooth 2024

At Superbooth 2024, held May 16-18 in Berlin, MOK introduced the Waverazor Eurorack Kit for the 1010music Bitbox and Bitbox Mk2.

The Kit brings the unique wave-slicing oscillator sounds of the Waverazor Dual Oscillator to Bitbox.

One Waverazor Eurorack oscillator can contain up to 8 wave slices, creating a multi-segment “Frankenstein” waveform that produces extended harmonic content beyond any single wave shape. Each individual slice has independent control over wave pitch, volume, phase and DC offset, allowing a single oscillator to contain a multitude of timbral colors. Even the “Razor” itself can be adjusted, with parameters for its own slice frequency, step size multiplier and duty cycle.


  • Patented oscillator design dynamically slices and recombines waveforms
  • 2 independent oscillators
  • Detailed and responsive multi-touch screen
  • 2 high resolution CV inputs
  • 20 modulation CV inputs
  • Modulation input metering
  • MIDI input (TRS, Arturia compatible)
  • Clock input for BPM sync of wave sequences
  • Audio input for slicing external sound sources
  • 3 Audio outputs (Audio 1, 2 and Mix)
  • 24-bit ADC and DAC
  • Trigger output for external oscillator sync

Pricing and Availability:

The Waverazor Eurorack Kit for Bitbox is priced at $99 USD and is expected to be available this summer. Details are to come at the MOK site.

One thought on “New Waverazor Eurorack Kit For 1010music Bitbox At Superbooth 2024

  1. How does this work? Is this just an alternate firmware? It looks like they must both use the same underlying hardware.

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