Alan R. Pearlman Foundation Makes Rare ARP 2500 Synthesizer Available To The Public

The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation has announced that their recently-acquired ARP 2500 synthesizer has been restored, fitted with upgrades, and is now available to the general public at The Record Co. in Boston, MA.

This ARP 2500 is the first and only publicly-accessible example of its kind in the USA.

Thanks to generous funding from donors and benefactors, and in line with the Foundation’s mission, this rare 2508 Wing Cabinet is now available to everyone. Part of the expansive 2500 system, the 2508 is a self-contained synthesizer including original oscillator, filter, sequencer, envelope and mix-sequencer modules, interlinked by the 2500’s flexible patch matrix system.

It also contains a unique new oscillator designed for the Foundation by Phil Cirocco of Cirocco Music Systems, who also restored the 2508 to pristine working condition.

The synthesizer has been further enhanced with a protective cover as well as a new custom-made keyboard from

The Alan R. Pearlman Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of inventor, musician, entrepreneur and engineer Alan R. Pearlman (ARP).

8 thoughts on “Alan R. Pearlman Foundation Makes Rare ARP 2500 Synthesizer Available To The Public

  1. Wow, this thing is huge. If you look at its size only, it shows how advanced this was back in the days, and how little this could be afforded by normal individuals or mere mortals.

    But if you were to translate these modules into modern alernatives and post this 7-8 module rack on Modulargrid, nobody would notice.

    How wonderful those pioneering synths also were, it’s like with an old car: better is to restore and preserve, and only seldomly play. And that I beliveve, is the good intention here.

    Meanwhile, remember we do live in golden synth times, and we all have a 2500 at home somehow.

  2. I will be recording this lovely ARP 2500 Wing on Thursday, to make soundtracks for the AMSynths 2500 “lost” modules videos, and to get a detailed recording of the 1047 and 1006 (in the 1045) filters. The guys at Record Co have been super helpful at getting a session booked and the samples/sounds will be on the AMSynths YouTube channel soon.

    1. Unfortunately the 2500 is not available until 7th June, so missed it!
      But Benge is helping out with his 2500 which I will record in 4 weeks time in Cornwall!!

  3. Was the 2500 only built for institutions and companies? Eliane Radigue has owned and used one privately since the early 1970’s, I believe.

    Has anyone been able to compare those Behringer 2500 modules to the real thing? I wonder how close they are, if at all.

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