Modular Techno With Trovarsi On Sonocurrent Eurorack Modules

At Superbooth 2024, held May 16-18 in Berlin, LA-based composer/producer Trovarsi gave a live performance Gesprächkonzert, featuring a modular system based around Sonocurrent Eurorack modules.

This is a great example of the Gesprächkonzert ‘lecture performance’ format featured at Superbooth. Trovarsi starts with a live performance, showing what the system is capable of, and then goes on to discuss the makeup of the system and how the modules are being used.

Event Summary:

“Sonocurrent modules combine careful attention to ergonomics, visual interface, solid build quality, and creative sonic potential in pursuit of an ideal connection between artist and instrument. The current range includes a wide-ranging dual-channel tube distortion, and several routing and control modules which aim to extend patching possibilities while bringing clarity and focus when performing with complex patches.”

via Superbooth

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