Toybox Buzz Zone A ‘Boutique Performance-Oriented Synth’

Toybox has introduced Buzz Zone, described as “a boutique performance-oriented synth with a rich set of features, cutting edge DSP and a streamlined modern interface for endless inspiration and experimentation.”


  • 9 multi segment envelopes, one for each of the 9 main controls, with an ‘auto curve’ function
  • Streamlined interface with all controls on a single screen
  • Analog modelling based on “the cream of Eurorack modules and legendary vintage synths”
  • “State of the art DSP”, with ADAA anti-aliasing techniques for rich analog sounds without digital artifacts, even when pushed into extreme territories
  • Creative routing, unusual filters plus FM, AM, ring modulation and wave folding to create harmonically rich analog timbres
  • Library of wavetables and samples
  • Vocoder mode allows you to imprint tonal characteristics of the loaded samples onto the output of the synth engine
  • Over 400 presets
  • Available for MacOS, Windows and iOS (iPad only)


Pricing and Availability:

Buzz Zone is available now, with an intro price of $24 USD (Regular price: $39) for MacOS and Windows and $9.99 for iPad.

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