Make Noise Erbe-Verb Retired

Make Noise has announced that it’s retiring its Erbe-Verb Eurorack effects module, once the current run is sold.

“To celebrate its legacy,” they say, “we have produced one last run of Erbe- Verbs in Black & Gold faceplates.


  • Mono In, Stereo (or Mono) Out, all analog Dry signal path
  • Size ranges from “coffin” to “the heavens”
  • Continuously variable Decay settings all the way to infinite feedback
  • Wide ranging Pre-Delay settings from 7ms – 500ms
  • Manual or voltage controlled REVERSE reverb
  • Control over Absorption, Internal Modulation Depth and Speed allows for programming smooth resonances, chorused Doppler effects, shimmer, ghost choirs and more
  • TILT shapes the tone of the reverb, dramatically emphasizing low or high frequency content
  • Pre-Delay, Reverse and Internal Modulation all able to be synchronized to external clock via TEMPO input
  • CV Out completes the conversation between Erbe-Verb and rest of system!
  • Utilizes High performance DSP hardware with 24bit, 48kHz codec, 32 bit floating point processing and reasonable power consumption

Pricing and Availability:

The Make Noise Erbe-Verb has a street price of $489 USD.

3 thoughts on “Make Noise Erbe-Verb Retired

  1. One of my very first modules. Went into Rubadub and Aleks, now at signal sounds said “yeah it does reverb but it also does this fucking batshit crazy stuff” slammed up the feedback and it started oscillating. I was sold on the spot.

    Tom made a wonderfully wild algorithm, that could just be a verb, or could be an instrument in itself.

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