Digital Synths & Controllers With Moog’s Geert Bevin

At Superbooth 2024, composer & synthesist Anthony Marinelli interviewed Geert Bevin, Software Engineering Lead and Product Designer at Moog Music.

Bevin is one of the most important developers working in the musical instrument space. He’s been involved in developing firmware for instruments like the Roger Linn LinnStrument and the Eigenharp; leading development for Moog’s software synthesizers; and is the author of the original MPE specification.

The interview is free-flowing and covers a lot of territory, but is ultimately is a fantastic conversation about two people with deep knowledge of synthesis and instruments.

Whether your into hardware or software synths, bookmark this interview and check it out when you have 48 minutes to watch it. At its core, the discussion is really about the state of what’s possible with synthesizers and expressive performance, which will be of interest to anyone passionate about synths.

If you want to dig into these ideas further, check out the interview Geert Bevin On MPE & Creating A New Standard Of Musical Expression.

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